SmarterFresh Seven Piece Faucet Adapter Kit, Brass Aerator Adapter Set to Connect Garden Hose, Water Filter, Standard Hose via Diverter, in RV & Other - Male & Female Universal Faucet Adapter for Sink

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Manufacturer Description

**** Please read below what these adapters WILL NOT fit. SmarterFresh Seven Piece Faucet Adapter Kit includes the 7 most common faucet adapters. Keep in mind, however, aerator threads on faucets are not uniform even among faucets of the same brand. All of the major brands manufacture faucets that our adapters are compatible with and faucets that they are NOT compatible with. We did our best to include adapters that fit over 95% of faucets that have removable aerators. If none of our adapters fit your faucet, take your faucet aerator (and the component you want to attach to faucet) to an ACE Hardware store. You'll be able to find out the thread size of your aerator on the thread size chart found in the faucet aerator parts department. Included Adapters: Standard Cache Adapter (SCAQ1) Junior Cache Adapter (JCAN2) Tiny Junior Cache Adapter (TJCAD3) Tom Thumb Cache Adapter (TTCAD4) Male Junior Adapter (MJA5) Female Junior Adapter (FJA6) Garden Hose Adapter (GHA7). Each adapter comes with a custom fit washer and adapts to thread size Male 55/64 - 27T. Adapters meant for Bathroom Sink Faucet Use Only. They will not fit a faucet without a removable aerator. Will also not fit a bathtub spout, shower pipe, or pump style faucet. Some portable dishwashers or washing machines have been known to fit but check with manufacturer first. Cache style faucets will require key to remove aerator from faucet. This comes free from faucet manufacturer with faucet purchase. Great kit for travel if you're connecting and reconnecting attachments to your faucet. Don't travel around to 4 stores, try to explain what you're looking for to the person working in the plumbing department, pay 3 times the amount and end up frustrated. You'll find the right size within our 7-piece adapter set.

Product Features

7 MOST COMMON SIZE Brass Faucet Adapters -- See Below for Adapter Types, Includes Many Sizes so You Can Find the Right One, Will Fit When None of Other Brands Do, Useful and Easily Compatible and Includes Custom Fit Washers NO PLASTIC or RUBBER AT ALL -- Threads on Adapters Won't Wear Off, Leak, Pop Off, Strip or Rust, Don't Settle for the Plastic Adapters that Come with Your Product WILL FIT WITH MANY FAUCET ATTACHMENTS including Garden Hoses, Water Filters, Sprayers, Standard Hose via Faucet Diverter, in RV's, Cache Style Faucets, Standard Faucets and Other Faucet Attachments ONE EASY PURCHASE, No Driving Around Unsure What You Need Hoping for Right Fit -- Fits What Local Stores Don't Carry or Bought Individually Would Cost Three Times as Much, Great for Travelers FOR BATHROOM SINK FAUCET USE ONLY - Will Not Fit a Faucet Without Removable Aerator, Bathtub Spout, Shower Pipe, or Pump Style Faucet. Will Not Fit Standard Size Shower Hose Without the Use of a Faucet Diverter:(

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